Transform your dog into the Disney Pixar star by uploading you own photos.

Prompt suggestions

Imagine a brave Corgi wearing a spacesuit, gazing at distant planets against a backdrop of the vast starry sky. The poster's title is "Bobo's Space Adventures," evoking a sense of whimsical sci-fi exploration, Disney Pixar style.

Lively Labrador wearing diving goggles, Disney Pixar style,swimming amongst colorful tropical fish in a coral reef. This scene is filled with ocean adventure elements, presenting a vibrant underwater world.

A fluffy sled dog running through the snow, Disney Pixar Style, with snow-covered mountains and the Northern Lights in the background. –ar 9:16

Make a Disney Pixar movie poster with the smart Dalmatian wearing a magnifying glass and detective hat, searching for clues on the city streets at night. This scene creates a mysterious detective story atmosphere.

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